Viashino rosse-épine {3}{R}

Créature : viashino et guerrier

Dévorement 2 (Au moment où cette créature arrive en jeu, vous pouvez sacrifier le nombre de créatures de votre choix. Cette créature arrive en jeu avec deux fois ce nombre de marqueurs +1/+1 sur elle.)

{G} : Le Viashino rosse-épine acquiert le piétinement jusqu'à la fin du tour.


Illustrated by Jon Foster

Notes and Rules Information for Viashino rosse-épine:
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  • You may choose not to sacrifice any creatures for the Devour ability. (2008-10-01)
  • If you cast this as a spell, you choose how many and which creatures to devour as part of the resolution of that spell. (It can’t be countered at this point.) The same is true of a spell or ability that lets you put a creature with devour onto the battlefield. (2008-10-01)
  • You may sacrifice only creatures that are already on the battlefield. If a creature with devour and another creature are entering the battlefield under your control at the same time, the creature with devour can’t devour that other creature. The creature with devour also can’t devour itself. (2008-10-01)
  • If multiple creatures with devour are entering the battlefield under your control at the same time, you may use each one’s devour ability. A creature you already control can be devoured by only one of them, however. (In other words, you can’t sacrifice the same creature to satisfy multiple devour abilities.) All creatures devoured this way are sacrificed at the same time. (2008-10-01)