Warlock Class (Adventures in the Forgotten Realms #125)

Classe del Warlock {B}

Incantesimo — Classe

(Guadagni il livello successivo come una stregoneria per aggiungerne l'abilità.)

All'inizio della tua sottofase finale, se è morta una creatura in questo turno, ogni avversario perde 1 punto vita.

{1}{B}: Livello 2


Quando questa Classe diventa di livello 2, guarda le prime tre carte del tuo grimorio. Aggiungine una alla tua mano e metti le altre nel tuo cimitero.

{6}{B}: Livello 3


All'inizio della tua sottofase finale, ogni avversario perde punti vita pari ai punti vita che ha perso in questo turno. (Il danno provoca la perdita di punti vita.)

Illustrated by Kieran Yanner

Notes and Rules Information for Classe del Warlock:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • Warlock Class does not need to have been on the battlefield when the creature died for its first ability. For example, if a creature died in combat and you cast Warlock Class in your second main phase, the ability will trigger at the beginning of your end step. (2021-07-23)
  • Warlock Class's first ability will trigger only once during your end step, no matter how many creatures died this turn. However, if no creatures have died so far this turn as the end step begins, the ability won't trigger at all. It's not possible to cause a creature to die during the end step in time to have the ability trigger. (2021-07-23)
  • Each Class has five abilities. The three in the major sections of its text box are class abilities. Class abilities can be static, activated, or triggered abilities. The other two are level abilities, one activated ability to advance the Class to level 2 and another to advance the Class to level 3. (2021-07-23)
  • Each Class starts with only the first of three class abilities. As the first level ability resolves, the Class becomes level 2 and gains the second class ability. As the second level ability resolves, the Class becomes level 3 and gains the third class ability. (2021-07-23)
  • Gaining a level won't remove abilities that a Class had at a previous level. (2021-07-23)
  • Gaining a level is a normal activated ability. It uses the stack and can be responded to. (2021-07-23)
  • You can't activate the first level ability of a Class unless that Class is level 1. Similarly, you can't activate the second level ability of a Class unless that Class is level 2. (2021-07-23)
  • You can multiclass or even control multiple Class enchantments of the same class. Each Class permanent tracks its own level separately. (2021-07-23)
  • Some Class cards have an effect that increases when more are under your control. For example, if you have multiple Barbarian Class cards, you roll that many additional dice and ignore that many of the lowest rolls. (2021-07-23)