Mawloc (Warhammer 40,000 Commander #133)

Morgon {X}{R}{G}

Kreatur — Tyranide

Unersättlich (Diese Kreatur kommt mit X +1/+1-Marken ins Spiel. Falls X gleich 5 oder mehr ist, ziehe eine Karte, wenn sie ins Spiel kommt.)

Terror aus der Tiefe — Wenn der Morgon ins Spiel kommt, kämpft er gegen bis zu eine Kreatur deiner Wahl, die ein Gegner kontrolliert. Falls die Kreatur in diesem Zug sterben würde, schicke sie stattdessen ins Exil.


Illustrated by Mathias Kollros

Notes and Rules Information for Morgon:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • The creature Mawloc fights will be exiled instead of going to the graveyard if it would die on the same turn for any reason, not just because of the damage from fighting Mawloc. This is true even if Mawloc has left the battlefield by that time. (2022-10-07)
  • A creature with ravenous gets its counters as it enters the battlefield. It doesn't enter the battlefield first and then get its counters. Any triggered ability that looks for a creature with a certain power or toughness entering the battlefield will see the counters when it checks to see if it should trigger. (2022-10-07)
  • The triggered ability that checks to see if X is 5 or greater refers to the value of X that was chosen as the spell was cast, which may be different from the number of counters it entered with if there are replacement effects involved. This is also true for any other ability that it has which refers to X and triggers when it enters the battlefield. (2022-10-07)
  • If another permanent enters the battlefield as a copy of a creature with Ravenous, it will not enter with any counters from the ravenous ability. (2022-10-07)
  • If a permanent spell with ravenous is copied, the copy will have the same value for X, and the token permanent that the spell becomes as it enters the battlefield will enter with X counters. (2022-10-07)