Upcoming API changes for etched foils and glossy cards

Hello friends! Scryfall is adding API support for tracking if a card is available in etched foil or glossy treatments.

  • API Card objects now have a finishes attribute, which details if a card is available in nonfoil, foil, etched, or glossy.
  • Etched foil pricing will be reflecting in the pricing fields under prices[usd_etched] and prices[usd_glossy]
    • EUR pricing for etched and glossy will be arriving later
  • When Wizards of the Coast first printed etched foils, we created distinct Scryfall entries for some of these etched foils. We will begin collapsing these entries into their regular entries, marking the regular entry as available in etched, and deleting the separate etched entry from our database.
  • Because some stores may have multiple entries for a card if it is available in etched foil or glossy, we are adding a tcgplayer_etched_id field to card objects to indicate if the etched pricing for a card was pulled from a different product ID.

There’s an example object here for Generous Gift from H1R and more information is available on the Card object documentation.

Deprecation Notice for Nonfoil and Foil Attributes

The foil and nonfoil top level properties on API card objects are now deprecated. Use the new finishes field instead. These old fields will be removed on Nov 1, 2021.