API: Recent double-sided card and image updates

Mirroring the previous update made to flip and split cards, we have merged each side of transforming cards into a single record.

Transforming card objects now include two card_face objects describing their distinct face. Each card_face object will have its own image_uris property linking to the images for that face.

In addition, a new layout double_faced_token has been added to handle the new promotional double-sided token cards available with Ixalan. These card objects will have the same two-image system as transforming cards.

New Images

We’re rolling out two new image types:

  • border_crop is a 480×680 JPEG image where the borders of the card are cut close and the rounded corners removed.
  • art_crop will attempt to isolate the card’s artwork into its own rectangular image file. This will likely not be perfect for outlier card designs. Art crops for different frames and layouts may be different rectangular sizes. As this image is the first where we don’t include the copyright line and artist credit, you are heavily encouraged to show a copyright, disclaimer, and artist credit wherever you display this image.

URIs to both of these images will be part of the image_uris field for card objects when available. Recent sets already have these images, and older sets will receive them progressively over the coming weeks.

image_uri is Deprecated

The image_uri property on card objects is now deprecated. We will be removing this field from objects on November 1, 2017. Instead, you should choose an image that works best for your project from the keys in the image_uris (plural) property on card or card_face objects.


If you have any questions or feedback about these changes, you can always DM us on Twitter or submit an issue on GitHub. Thanks so much for using our API!