Magic 2014 Promos (PM14)

5 cards €1.09

Name M.Cost Type Set R Artist USD EUR TIX
48 Colossal Whale {5}{U}{U} Creature PM14 R Erica Yang $0.16
141 Goblin Diplomats {1}{R} Creature PM14 R Jesper Ejsing $0.83 €0.67
21 Hive Stirrings {2}{W} Sorcery PM14 C Johann Bodin $0.28 €0.24
185 Megantic Sliver {5}{G} Creature PM14 R Lucas Gracia… $0.35 €0.18
*215 Ratchet Bomb {2} Artifact PM14 R Dan Scott $1.99

Their mind whirled with grand plans, never thinking of what might happen if they got to the end of the list.