Summon the Pack {7}{B}


Open a sealed Magic booster pack, reveal the cards, and put all creature cards revealed this way onto the battlefield under your control. They’re Zombies in addition to their other types. (Remove those cards from your deck before beginning a new game.)

Watermark: League of Dastardly Doom

Illustrated by Matt Cavotta

Duel Cmdr.
1v1 Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Summon the Pack
  • Can I use any booster pack? If it's unopened and an official Magic booster pack, yes you can. You can even use promotional booster packs like the Standard Showdown booster packs. Magic has made a variety of sealed booster packs over the years. Have fun! (2017-12-06)
  • What happens if my booster pack has no creature cards? You curse your insanely bad luck and then get nothing. (2017-12-06)
  • What happens if one of these cards leaves the battlefield? Can they go to other zones? Yes. Once they're in the game, they're in the game. You own them. The only difference is at the end of the game, you have to remove them from your deck. (2017-12-06)
  • Do I have to put all creature cards in the booster pack onto the battlefield? Oh yes. This adds a little drama to opening a Legions booster pack. All creature cards, sure—but opening a Phage the Untouchable will lose you the game. (2017-12-06)