Sly Spy {2}{B}

Creature — Human Spy

Whenever Sly Spy deals combat damage to a player, roll a six-sided die. That player loses life equal to the result.

The Agents of S.N.E.A.K — Subpar, Notoriously Evil Agent Killers.


Watermark: Agents of S.N.E.A.K.

Illustrated by Michael Phillippi

Duel Cmdr.
1v1 Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Sly Spy
  • If there are multiple creatures in the art, which one counts? Look at the one that the card is representing. (2017-12-06)
  • How do I determine the longest name? By counting the number of characters in the name, ignoring spaces. (2017-12-06)
  • My right or its right? Your right. A creature facing the side where we usually put the mana cost is facing right. (2017-12-06)
  • What if the card represents more than one creature in the art? Then most of those creatures need to be looking in the proper direction. (2017-12-06)
  • Is the thumb a finger? Yes. (2017-12-06)
  • Can the opponent use a lost finger for other things? The finger can be used for non-game actions, such as eating, drinking, and… um, hygiene. (2017-12-06)
  • When you say "six-sided die," what exactly do you mean? We mean a die with six, and only six, sides on it. The die must have six equally likely outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and grapefruit—I mean 6. (2017-12-06)
  • Can a roll have a result greater than 6? Sure. For example, Snickering Squirrel can change a roll of 6 to a roll of 7. (2017-12-06)
  • But a 7 on a six-sided die doesn't exist? There's at least one Snickering Squirrel that would disagree. And silver-bordered Magic doesn't care. (2017-12-06)