Handy Dandy Clone Machine {3}


{2}, {T}: Create a 2/2 colorless Homunculus creature token. It must be represented by a unique hand and two fingers at all times, or it ceases to exist.

Early testing failed because the clones were all thumbs.

Watermark: League of Dastardly Doom

Illustrated by Mike Burns

Duel Cmdr.
1v1 Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Handy Dandy Clone Machine
  • What's a "unique hand"? That means that any one hand can represent only one singular Homunculus creature token. A two-handed player will therefore be limited to two tokens using their own hands. (2017-12-06)
  • How do I represent additional tokens? Get additional hands. Any human hand works. (2017-12-06)
  • Oh, I know just the place… I feel I should clarify. You can get other living people to help you by using their still-very-much-attached hands. Just remember that they need to agree to it, so ask nicely. (2017-12-06)
  • Can it be my opponent's hand? If they agree to it. They're not required to, though. (2017-12-06)
  • What if the hand stops representing the Homunculus creature token? Then the token immediately ceases to exist. Being a Homunculus token is a commitment. (2017-12-06)