Stoneforge Masterwork {1}

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +1/+1 for each other creature you control that shares a creature type with it.

Equip {2}

The nomadic kor carry only necessities on their long treks. The coming of the Eldrazi redefined “necessities.”

Illustrated by Ben Maier

legal Standard
legal Frontier
legal Modern
not legal Pauper
legal Legacy
not legal Penny
legal Vintage
legal Duel Cmdr.
legal Commander
Notes and Rules Information for Stoneforge Masterwork
  • The bonus is only +1/+1 per applicable creature, even if it shares more than one creature type with the equipped creature. For example, if the equipped creature is a Human Shaman and you control a Human Warrior, a Goblin Shaman, and another Human Shaman, the equipped creature will get +3/+3. (2016-01-21)
  • The bonus will change as the creatures you control change. This may cause the equipped creature to lose toughness and die because of damage dealt earlier in the turn. (2016-01-21)