Wharf Infiltrator {1}{U}

Creature — Human Horror

Skulk (This creature can’t be blocked by creatures with greater power.)

Whenever Wharf Infiltrator deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.

Whenever you discard a creature card, you may pay {2}. If you do, create a 3/2 colorless Eldrazi Horror creature token.


Illustrated by Daarken

legal Standard
legal Frontier
legal Modern
not legal Pauper
legal Legacy
legal Penny
legal Vintage
legal Duel Cmdr.
legal Commander
Notes and Rules Information for Wharf Infiltrator
  • Wharf Infiltrator’s last ability triggers anytime you discard a creature card, not just when you discard a card because of Wharf Infiltrator’s other triggered ability. (2016-07-12)
  • While resolving Wharf Infiltrator’s last ability, you can’t pay {2} multiple times to get multiple Eldrazi Horror tokens. (2016-07-12)