Portal Demo Game (PPOD)

6 cards $10.78

Set Name Cost Type R La Artist USD EUR TIX
PPOD 1 Armored Pegasus {1}{W} Creature C EN Andrew Robinson $0.10
PPOD 2 Bull Hippo {3}{G} Creature R EN Roger Raupp
PPOD 3 Cloud Pirates {U} Creature R EN Phil Foglio
PPOD 4 Feral Shadow {2}{B} Creature R EN Colin MacNeil $0.08
PPOD 5 Snapping Drake {3}{U} Creature R EN Christopher Rush $9.90
PPOD 6 Storm Crow {1}{U} Creature R EN Una Fricker $0.70

Their mind whirled with grand plans, never thinking of what might happen if they got to the end of the list.