14 cards where the cards are any language and the name is exactly “scrivener”

Set Name Cost Type R La Artist USD EUR TIX
TPR 64 Scrivener {4}{U} Creature C EN Heather Hudson 0.04
VMA 91 Scrivener {4}{U} Creature C EN Kev Walker 0.05
ODY 100 Scrivener {4}{U} Creature C EN Kev Walker ✶ $0.15 €0.05 0.02
EXO 46 Scrivener {4}{U} Creature U EN Heather Hudson ✶ $0.18 €0.06 0.02
ODY 100 Stadtschreiber {4}{U} Kreatur C DE Kev Walker
ODY 100 Escribano {4}{U} Criatura C ES Kev Walker
ODY 100 Scribouillard {4}{U} Créature C FR Kev Walker
ODY 100 Scrivano {4}{U} Creatura C IT Kev Walker
ODY 100 Escrivão {4}{U} Criatura C PT Kev Walker
EXO 46 Schreibgelehrter {4}{U} Beschwörung eines Stadtbewohners U DE Heather Hudson
EXO 46 Escribano {4}{U} Creature U ES Heather Hudson
EXO 46 Scribouillard {4}{U} Creature U FR Heather Hudson
EXO 46 Scrivano {4}{U} Creature U IT Heather Hudson
EXO 46 Escrivão {4}{U} Creature U PT Heather Hudson

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