10 cards where the cards are any language and the name is exactly “dragon breath”

Set Name Cost Type R La Artist USD EUR TIX
BBD 172 Dragon Breath {1}{R} Enchantment U EN Greg Staples $0.09 €0.15
ARC 33 Dragon Breath {1}{R} Enchantment C EN Greg Staples $0.69
SCG 86 Dragon Breath {1}{R} Enchantment C EN Greg Staples $0.18 €0.06 0.05
BBD 172 ドラゴンの息 {1}{R} エンチャント U JA Greg Staples
BBD 172 龙息 {1}{R} 结界 U ZHS Greg Staples
SCG 86 Drachenatem {1}{R} Kreaturenverzauberung C DE Greg Staples
SCG 86 Aliento de dragón {1}{R} Encantar criatura C ES Greg Staples
SCG 86 Souffle du dragon {1}{R} Enchanter C FR Greg Staples
SCG 86 Alito del Drago {1}{R} Incanta Creatura C IT Greg Staples
SCG 86 Hálito de Dragão {1}{R} Encantar Criatura C PT Greg Staples

Their mind whirled with grand plans, never thinking of what might happen if they got to the end of the list.