Account FAQs

Scryfall accounts are now available! It’s a bit like other funding sites: You pay monthly, and receive access to all beta features and other goodies. You’re free to cancel anytime.

The first major feature we’re debuting is the Tagger. You can help us crowd-source art and functional tags for cards. Want to tag all of the cards with trees in their art? What about your favorite crew? Now you can!

If you’re a business or team that uses Scryfall data or images to power your site, we’re also offering a business tier for accounts that earns you priority support from Scryfall.

What else is planned? Why do you want me to pay?

We love Scryfall and are humbled by how well it’s been received. We want it to be a sustainable resource for the community, but for that, we need your help. Your monthly contribution to Scryfall helps us pay hosting costs, tip people who provide card images, and dedicate more time to new features.

We have big dreams for the site:

  • Deckbuilding tools – Build decks immediately with new spoilers, or in future standard rotations. Collect groups of cards together into multiple shareable lists.
  • Cube and draft tools – Sample hands, sample packs, and fish-ing features
  • Non-English cards – Non-English cards have long been on the back burner, we want to work them into the site elegantly
  • Card analysis and intelligent search sorting – Sort searches by most competitive card or find cards related to a particular card
  • Set reviews and history lessons – We want to write set reviews from the perspective of Magic archivists, and also publish articles about the history of promo and esoteric sets, with a bit of whimsy.
  • Twitch extension – Building Twitch tools for streamers
  • No Ballistas dropped – We want to do it all while keeping the site updated with new spoilers, format rotations, promo cards, and more

Create a Scryfall account and help us grow!

What about existing Patreon patrons?

If you’re an existing Scryfall patron in good standing, you will receive an email inviting you to create an account. Your account will be tied to Patreon as a source of payment. You can continue supporting us through Patreon for as long as you like.

Are you deprecating your Patreon?

Yes. Patreon’s late 2017 change in fee policy and then reversal of this policy really shook our trust in their platform. Creators depend on Patreon to be a stable source of income, and a majority of creators, including us, where blindsided by the policy announcement.

It was always our eventual goal to allow people to pay for accounts directly with us, and the Patreon announcement motivated us to make that change sooner, so we no longer depend solely on Patreon.

If you’re not yet supporting Scryfall, you can now create an account with us directly, and no longer need to use Patreon.

Will I need to pay for an account to use search or images?

No. The search system and our images are free for anyone to use, and we have no plans to change that.

Will I need to pay for an account to use the API?

No. All public API methods will remain public, and we have no plans to change that.

I have another question!

Ask us on Twitter, Reddit, or using our form.