Lobotomy {2}{U}{B}


Target player reveals their hand, then you choose a card other than a basic land card from it. Search that player’s graveyard, hand, and library for all cards with the same name as the chosen card and exile them. Then that player shuffles.

Illustrated by D. Alexander Gregory

Not Legal This version of this card has gold borders and a non-standard Magic back. It is not legal for constructed play.

Notes and Rules Information for Lobotomy:
  • If the player has no cards in their hand, you still get to look through their deck, but you do not get to exile any cards. (2004-10-04)
  • You only get to pick one card from the player’s hand. (2004-10-04)
  • It exiles the chosen card plus all others in the hand, library, and graveyard. Some people thought the chosen card was not exiled due to some vague wording. (2004-10-04)
  • Does not affect cards on the battlefield. (2004-10-04)
  • The copies must be found if they are in publicly viewable zones. Finding copies while searching private zones is optional. (2005-02-01)