Fénix recolector {3}{R}

Criatura — Fénix

Vuela, prisa.

Cuando el Fénix recolector entre al campo de batalla, si lo lanzaste, aprende. (Puedes mostrar una carta de Lección de la cual eres propietario de fuera del juego y ponerla en tu mano o descartar una carta para robar una carta.)

Mientras el Fénix recolector esté en tu cementerio, si fueras a aprender, en vez de eso, puedes regresar el Fénix recolector al campo de batalla.


Illustrated by Karl Kopinski

Notes and Rules Information for Fénix recolector:
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  • Retriever Phoenix must be in your graveyard at the moment you’re instructed to learn if you want to use the last ability to return it to the battlefield. (2021-04-16)
  • If Retriever Phoenix somehow dies with its triggered ability on the stack, you may return it to the battlefield with that triggered ability. (2021-04-16)
  • If a card is brought into the game from outside the game, it will stay in the game until it ends or until its owner leaves the game, whichever comes first. (2021-04-16)
  • If you bring a card into the game from outside the game in a Constructed tournament (or a Constructed game played under tournament conditions), you may select only a card from your sideboard. In casual Constructed games, the card comes from your collection. (2021-04-16)
  • If you bring a card into the game from outside the game in a Sealed Deck or Booster Draft event, you may select only a card that is in the card pool that you built your deck from. (2021-04-16)
  • If instructed to learn, you may do nothing. Discarding a card and putting a Lesson card into your hand are both optional. (2021-04-16)