Emperión de platino {8}

Criatura artefacto — Gólem

Tu total de vidas no puede cambiar. (No puedes ganar o perder vidas. No puedes pagar ninguna cantidad de vida excepto 0.)

Ignora fuerzas insignificantes como el tiempo, la entropía y la muerte.


Watermark: Mirran

Illustrated by Chris Rahn

Notes and Rules Information for Emperión de platino:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • If a cost would include causing you to gain life (like the alternative cost of an opponent’s Invigorate does), that cost can’t be paid. (2018-12-07)
  • Platinum Emperion’s ability doesn’t prevent damage. Rather, it changes the results of that damage. For example, if a creature with lifelink deals damage to you, you won’t lose any life, but its controller will still gain that much life. Similarly, if a creature you control with lifelink deals damage to another player, that player will lose life but you won’t gain any life. (2018-12-07)
  • Abilities that trigger whenever damage is dealt to you will still trigger because that damage is still dealt, even though your life total doesn’t change as a result. (2018-12-07)
  • Spells and abilities that would normally cause you to gain or lose life still resolve, but the life-gain or life-loss part simply has no effect. (2018-12-07)
  • You can’t pay a cost that includes the payment of any amount of life other than 0 life. However, you can choose to be dealt damage, even though that damage won’t result in your life total changing. (2018-12-07)
  • Effects that would replace having you gain life with some other event won’t be able to be applied because it’s impossible for you to gain life. (2018-12-07)
  • Effects that replace an event with having you gain life (like Words of Worship’s effect does) or having you lose life will end up replacing the event with nothing. (2018-12-07)
  • If an effect says to set your life total to a certain number, that part of the effect won’t do anything. (2018-12-07)
  • If an effect would cause you to exchange life totals with another player, the exchange won’t happen. Neither player’s life total changes. (2018-12-07)
  • In a Commander game, the damage dealt to you by commanders will still be counted, even if that damage doesn’t cause you to lose life. (2018-12-07)