Настойчивые Жалобщики {1}{U}

Существо — Человек Советник

{1}, {T}: целевой игрок кладет верхнюю карту своей библиотеки на свое кладбище.

Поверните четырех неповернутых Советников под вашим контролем: целевой игрок кладет двенадцать верхних карт своей библиотеки на свое кладбище.

В колоде может быть любое количество карт с именем Настойчивые Жалобщики.


Illustrated by Jason Rainville

Duel Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Настойчивые Жалобщики:
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  • Advisors that you haven’t controlled continuously since your turn began may be tapped to pay for the second ability of Persistent Petitioners. (2019-01-25)
  • It’s not possible to tap one Persistent Petitioners to activate both its first and second ability, or to activate its second ability and that of another Persistent Petitioners. This means that if you tap four Persistent Petitioners, the target player loses the top twelve cards of their library, not the top forty-eight. (2019-01-25)
  • The last ability of Persistent Petitioners lets you ignore the “four-of” rule. It doesn’t let you ignore format legality. For example, during a Ravnica Allegiance Limited event, you can’t add Persistent Petitioners from your personal collection, no matter how much they ask. (2019-01-25)