Helle Flamme {X}{R}{R}{W}{W}


Ausstrahlung Die Helle Flamme fügt einer Kreatur deiner Wahl und allen anderen Kreaturen, die mit ihr eine Farbe gemeinsam haben, X Schadenspunkte zu. Du erhältst so viele Lebenspunkte dazu, wie auf diese Weise Schadenspunkte zugefügt wurden.

„Die Scheiterhaufen der Ungläubigen sollen unseren Weg beleuchten.“ —Razia

Watermark: Boros

Illustrated by Dave Dorman

Notes and Rules Information for Helle Flamme:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • You gain life equal to the total damage dealt by Brightflame to all creatures. You don’t gain life for any damage that was prevented. (2005-10-01)
  • All creatures that share a color are affected, even your own. (2005-10-01)
  • A creature “shares a color” with any creature that is at least one of its colors. For example, a green-white creature shares a color with creatures that are green, white, green-white, red-white, black-green, and so on. (2005-10-01)
  • If it targets a colorless creature, it doesn’t affect any other creatures. A colorless creature shares a color with nothing, not even other colorless creatures. (2005-10-01)
  • You check which creatures share a color with the target when the spell resolves. (2005-10-01)
  • Only one creature is targeted. If that creature leaves the battlefield or otherwise becomes an illegal target, the entire spell doesn’t resolve. No other creatures are affected. (2005-10-01)