Careful Study (minigame)


2-6 players | 1 pack | 5 minutes


Take turns memorizing _Magic_ cards and trying to stump your opponent with questions!


Split up into two teams of one or more players. Randomly determine which team goes first, and then open a pack and remove any remaining land cards and any cards without _Magic_ card backs. Each team then picks a card and puts it face down on the table without looking at it.


On your turn, your team has 30 seconds to examine your card before handing it over to the opposing team. Then they ask your team five questions about your card. Once you’ve answered them all, note your score. Now it’s your team’s turn to ask the questions! Questions can be about anything on the card.

Careful Study (cont'd)

For example:

What’s the creature’s power?

What’s the mana cost?

Who’s quoted in the flavor text?

What’s the character in the art holding?

Is the character’s mouth open?

Who’s the artist?

What’s the collector number?

What mechanics are mentioned in the card text?

What’s the rarity?

Can you see the sun or moon in the art?

Don’t ask any questions you can’t accurately answer (e.g. how many blades of grass are in the art?).


The team who gets the most questions right wins! If there is a tie, play another round with new cards.

Not Legal This card is memorabilia and not legal for play.