Arachnus Web {2}{G}

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can’t attack or block, and its activated abilities can’t be activated.

At the beginning of the end step, if enchanted creature’s power is 4 or greater, destroy Arachnus Web.

Illustrated by Karl Kopinski

1v1 Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Arachnus Web
  • Arachnus Web’s triggered ability checks at the beginning of each end step, not just yours. (2017-03-14)
  • If the enchanted creature’s power isn’t 4 or greater when the end step begins, the last ability won’t trigger at all. (2017-03-14)
  • If Arachnus Web’s last ability triggers, but the enchanted creature’s power is reduced to 3 or less before the ability resolves, the ability will have no effect. Arachnus Web won’t be destroyed. (2017-03-14)
  • If Arachnus Web enters the battlefield attached to an attacking or blocking creature (due to Arachnus Spinner’s ability, for example), that creature will continue to attack or block. (2017-03-14)
  • Triggered abilities (starting with “when,” “whenever,” or “at”) are unaffected. (2017-03-14)
  • Activated abilities contain a colon. They’re generally written “[Cost]: [Effect].” Some keywords are activated abilities and will have colons in their reminder text. (2016-06-08)