Butterbur, Bree Innkeeper (The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth #197)

Butterbur, Bree Innkeeper {2}{G}{W}

Legendary Creature — Human Peasant

At the beginning of your end step, if you don’t control a Food, create a Food token. (It’s an artifact with “{2}, {T}, Sacrifice this artifact: You gain 3 life.”)

“I hope you’ll be comfortable. You’ll be wanting supper, I don’t doubt. As soon as may be. This way now!”


Illustrated by Ryan Yee

Notes and Rules Information for Butterbur, Bree Innkeeper:
  • Butterbur, Bree Innkeeper's ability checks if you control a Food at the beginning of your end step. If you do, the ability won't trigger. (2023-06-16)
  • If the ability does trigger, but you control a Food when it tries to resolve, the ability will do nothing. No Food will be created. (2023-06-16)
  • Food is an artifact type. Even though it appears on some creatures in other sets, it's never a creature type. (2023-06-16)
  • If an effect refers to a Food, it means any Food artifact, not just a Food artifact token. For example, you can sacrifice Lembas, an artifact card with the Food subtype, to activate the last ability of Bill the Pony. (2023-06-16)
  • You can't sacrifice a Food token to pay multiple costs. For example, you can't sacrifice a Food token to activate its own ability and also to activate the last ability of Bill the Pony. (2023-06-16)
  • Some spells and abilities that create Food tokens may require targets. If each target chosen is an illegal target as that spell or ability tries to resolve, it won't resolve. You won't create any Food tokens. (2023-06-16)
  • Do not eat the delicious cards. No, not even for second breakfast. (2023-06-16)