Эфирный Расплав {1}{U}

Чары — Аура

Миг (Вы можете разыграть это заклинание при любой возможности разыгрывать мгновенные заклинания.)

Зачаровать существо или Машину

Когда Эфирный Расплав выходит на поле битвы, вы получаете {E}{E} (два жетона энергии).

Зачарованный перманент получает -4/-0.

Illustrated by Jason Felix

1v1 Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Эфирный Расплав:
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  • Keep careful track of how many energy counters each player has. You may do so by keeping a running count on paper, by using a die, or by any other clear and mutually agreeable method. (2017-02-09)
  • {E} is the energy symbol. It represents one energy counter. (2017-02-09)
  • Energy counters are a kind of counter that a player may have. They’re not associated with specific permanents. (Other kinds of counters that players may have include poison and experience.) (2017-02-09)
  • You can’t pay more energy counters than you have. (2017-02-09)
  • If an effect says you get one or more {E}, you get that many energy counters. To pay one or more {E}, you lose that many energy counters. Any effects that interact with counters a player gets, has, or loses can interact with energy counters. (2017-02-09)
  • Energy counters aren’t mana. They don’t go away as steps, phases, and turns end, and effects that add mana “of any type” to your mana pool can’t give you energy counters. (2017-02-09)
  • If the target creature or Vehicle becomes an illegal target while Aether Meltdown is on the stack, Aether Meltdown won’t resolve. It won’t enter the battlefield and you won’t get {E}{E}. (2016-09-20)