Masque impérial {4}{W}


Quand le Masque impérial arrive en jeu, si ce n'est pas un jeton, chacun de vos équipiers met en jeu un jeton qui est une copie du Masque impérial.

Vous ne pouvez pas être la cible de sorts ou de capacités que vos adversaires contrôlent.

Illustrated by Christopher Moeller

Notes and Rules Information for Masque impérial:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • This card creates tokens that enter the battlefield as enchantments, not creatures. (2007-05-01)
  • Only teammates within the range of influence of Imperial Mask’s controller will get a token. Imperial Mask’s controller doesn’t get a token; that player just gets the Imperial Mask. (2007-05-01)
  • Each Imperial Mask permanent is independent and affects only its controller and the opponents of its controller. (2007-05-01)
  • If Imperial Mask has left the battlefield by the time the triggered ability resolves, the tokens will still enter the battlefield as copies of Imperial Mask. (2007-05-01)
  • If Imperial Mask becomes a copy of something else after the ability triggers but before it resolves, the tokens will enter the battlefield as copies of whatever the ex-Imperial Mask is now. If Imperial Mask became a copy of something else and then left the battlefield, the tokens will enter the battlefield as copies of whatever it was copying when it last existed on the battlefield. (2007-05-01)