Research {G}{U}


Choose up to four cards you own from outside the game and shuffle them into your library.

Development {3}{U}{R}


Create a 3/1 red Elemental creature token unless any opponent has you draw a card. Repeat this process two more times.

Watermark: Simic & Izzet

Illustrated by Greg Staples

Duel Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Research // Development:
  • A card “from outside the game” may be a card from your collection or a card from your sideboard. In tournament play, you can’t choose a card from your collection. The cards you choose don’t all have to come from the same place. (2009-10-01)
  • The exile zone is a part of the game, so you can’t get exiled cards. (2009-10-01)
  • Development’s effect is repeated three times no matter which option the opponent chooses. The opponent may choose a different option each time. You’ll wind up with three Elemental tokens, two tokens and a card, one token and two cards, or three cards, whichever your opponent chooses. (2006-05-01)
  • In a multiplayer game, each opponent, in turn, has the option to let you draw a card. If no opponent does, you put a token onto the battlefield. Then the process repeats two more times. A different opponent may let you draw a card each time. (2006-05-01)