Cavaliere del Reliquiario {1}{G}{W}

Creatura — Cavaliere Umano

Il Cavaliere del Reliquiario prende +1/+1 per ogni carta terra nel tuo cimitero.

{T}, Sacrifica una Foresta o una Pianura: Passa in rassegna il tuo grimorio per una carta terra, mettila sul campo di battaglia, poi rimescola il tuo grimorio.


Illustrated by Wayne Reynolds

Notes and Rules Information for Cavaliere del Reliquiario:
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  • Knight of the Reliquary’s first ability applies only while it’s on the battlefield. In all other zones, it’s a 2/2 creature. (2017-11-17)
  • The activated ability’s cost checks the land’s subtype, not its name. You can sacrifice a nonbasic land this way as long as it has the subtype Forest or Plains. Most nonbasic lands don’t have basic land types, even if they produce colored mana. For example, Horizon Canopy is neither a Forest nor a Plains, while Temple Garden is both. (2017-11-17)
  • Sacrificing a Forest or Plains is part of the cost of Knight of the Reliquary’s activated ability. Assuming that sacrificing the land puts it into your graveyard, Knight of the Reliquary’s first ability will immediately give it an additional +1/+1 when that cost is paid because there’ll be a new land card in your graveyard. Paying a cost can’t be responded to (with Shock, for example). (2017-11-17)
  • Knight of the Reliquary’s activated ability lets you find any land card, not just a basic land card. (2017-11-17)