Amalgama Ladro {5}{B}{B}

Creatura — Serpente Scimpanzé

All'inizio del mantenimento di ogni avversario, manifesti la prima carta del grimorio di quel giocatore. (Mettila sul campo di battaglia a faccia in giù come una creatura 2/2. Se è una carta creatura, girala a faccia in su in qualsiasi momento pagando il suo costo di mana.)

Ogniqualvolta una creatura che controlli ma non possiedi muore, il suo proprietario perde 2 punti vita e tu guadagni 2 punti vita.


Illustrated by Johan Grenier

Notes and Rules Information for Amalgama Ladro:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • Your opponents can’t look at the card they own that you manifested. (2019-08-23)
  • If a creature you control but don’t own dies at the same time that your life total becomes 0 or less, you lose the game before Thieving Amalgam’s last ability can save you. (2019-08-23)
  • If a creature you control but don’t own dies at the same time that its owner leaves the game, Thieving Amalgam’s last ability triggers. No player loses 2 life, but you gain 2 life. (2019-08-23)
  • In the Commander variant, you can produce mana that isn’t of your commander’s color identity if an effect lets you produce mana of that color or mana of any color, even though those symbols can’t appear on cards in your deck. You may be able to turn a manifested creature card face up this way if it’s not the same colors as your commander. (2019-08-23)
  • In a multiplayer game, if a player leaves the game, all cards that player owns leave as well. If you leave the game, the creatures you manifested with Thieving Amalgam’s triggered ability are exiled. (2019-08-23)