Némesis de nombre verdadero {1}{U}{U}

Criatura — Bribón tritón

En cuanto la Némesis de nombre verdadero entre al campo de batalla, elige un jugador.La Némesis de nombre verdadero tiene protección contra el jugador elegido. (Esta criatura no puede ser bloqueada, hecha objetivo, recibir daño o estar encantada por nada que controle ese jugador.)


Illustrated by Zack Stella

Duel Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Némesis de nombre verdadero:
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  • Protection from a player is a new variant of the protection ability. It means the following: — True-Name Nemesis can’t be the target of spells or abilities controlled by the chosen player. — True-Name Nemesis can’t be enchanted by Auras or equipped by Equipment controlled by the chosen player. (The same is true for Fortifications controlled by the chosen player, if True-Name Nemesis becomes a land.) — True-Name Nemesis can’t be blocked by creatures controlled by the chosen player. — All damage that would be dealt to True-Name Nemesis by sources controlled by the chosen player is prevented. (The same is true for sources owned by the chosen player that don’t have controllers.) (2013-10-17)