Goryos Rache {1}{B}

Spontanzauber - Arkan

Bringe eine legendäre Kreaturenkarte deiner Wahl aus deinem Friedhof ins Spiel zurück. Diese Kreatur erhält Eile. Entferne sie am Ende des Zuges ganz aus dem Spiel.

Arkane Kopplung {2}{B} (Sowie du einen arkanen Zauberspruch spielst, kannst du diese Karte aus deiner Hand vorzeigen und ihre Kopplungskosten bezahlen. Falls du dies tust, füge dem Zauberspruch den Effekt dieser Karte hinzu.)

Illustrated by Ittoku

Notes and Rules Information for Goryos Rache:
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  • You reveal all cards you intend to splice at the same time. Each individual card can be spliced only once onto any one spell. (2013-06-07)
  • A card with a splice ability can’t be spliced onto itself because the spell is on the stack (and not in your hand) when you reveal the cards you want to splice onto it. (2013-06-07)
  • You choose all targets for the spell after revealing cards you want to splice, including any targets required by the text of any of those cards. You may choose a different target for each instance of the word “target” on the resulting spell. (2013-06-07)
  • If all of the spell’s targets are illegal when the spell tries to resolve, it won’t resolve and none of its effects will happen. (2013-06-07)
  • If the returned creature leaves the battlefield before the end step, it will remain in its current zone. It won’t be exiled. (2018-12-07)