Дрон-Доминатор {2}{B}

Существо — Эльдрази Дрон

Лишение (У этой карты нет цвета.)Заглатывание (Каждый раз, когда это существо наносит боевые повреждения игроку, тот игрок изгоняет верхнюю карту своей библиотеки.)Когда Дрон-Доминатор выходит на поле битвы, если вы контролируете другое бесцветное существо, то каждый оппонент теряет 2 жизни.


Illustrated by James Zapata

Notes and Rules Information for Дрон-Доминатор:
  • Only the English version of a Magic card receives Oracle updates and errata. View this card in English. (Scryfall note)
  • Dominator Drone’s last ability checks to see if you control another colorless creature at the moment it enters the battlefield. If you don’t, the ability won’t trigger at all. If you do, the ability will check again as it tries to resolve. If you no longer control another colorless creature, the ability will be removed from the stack and have no effect. (2015-08-25)
  • Cards with devoid use frames that are variations of the transparent frame traditionally used for Eldrazi. The top part of the card features some color over a background based on the texture of the hedrons that once imprisoned the Eldrazi. This coloration is intended to aid deckbuilding and game play. (2015-08-25)
  • A card with devoid is just colorless. It’s not colorless and the colors of mana in its mana cost. (2015-08-25)
  • Other cards and abilities can give a card with devoid color. If that happens, it’s just the new color, not that color and colorless. (2015-08-25)
  • Devoid works in all zones, not just on the battlefield. (2015-08-25)
  • If a card loses devoid, it will still be colorless. This is because effects that change an object’s color (like the one created by devoid) are considered before the object loses devoid. (2015-08-25)
  • The card exiled by the ingest ability is exiled face up. (2015-08-25)
  • If the player has no cards in their library when the ingest ability resolves, nothing happens. That player won’t lose the game (until they have to draw a card from an empty library). (2015-08-25)