Avarice Totem {1}


{5}: Exchange control of Avarice Totem and target nonland permanent.

Souls and steel, the essence of Mirrodin. Memnarch lacks one but has an abundance of the other.

Illustrated by Ben Thompson

Duel Cmdr.
Notes and Rules Information for Avarice Totem:
  • It is possible to activate this ability in response to itself and generate some odd combinations. For example, if you control this card and another permanent, you can use this card’s ability and target the permanent you control. You can then use this card’s ability again and target a permanent your opponent controls. The second usage resolves first and you get your opponent’s permanent in exchange for this one. The first usage then resolves and swaps your other permanent for the Totem so you get it back. The net effect is that you can swap any non-land permanent you have for any of theirs if you can activate this ability twice. Note that your opponent does get the chance to use the Totem in between the resolutions of your two usages if they have the mana. (2004-12-01)